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Have you looked at cookie dough from both sides now?

Colleen Troy - Tuesday, December 07, 2010

You love it, maybe obsess about it or perhaps it's in the category of "roll your eyes."  For me, after mixing dark chocolate chips and walnuts into the batter, my index finger is knuckle deep in scooping out a hunk. Or two.  Raw butter and sugar creaminess is as delightful as the finished product.  All good cooks must test their cooking before sharing with others a wise one once said.  Growing up in a family of eight, if I wasn't careful, I'd have more raw dough in my belly than cookies to feed everyone and you better believe I’d have to deal with their grievances if there weren’t enough cookies to go around. 

My own daughters started making cookies and brownies as they got comfortable in the kitchen and of course experienced their share of raw dough.  Now that one daughter is gone from home and the other a busy senior in high school, I find I’m standing closer to the mixer again and it's a pretty comfortable spot to be in.  I enjoy it. 

As my home life changes from nurturing a family of four, to now three, and soon, just my husband and myself, I realize there’ll be more cookies for me to eat.  And, I realize that “something’s lost and something’s gained in living every day.”  So I’m losing what my family looked like, but they are not lost to me, these two young women.  They’re simply moving out into the world and they want to move out into the world.  This I recognize and honor. 

How tight are you holding on to things (rooms that once held young children); thoughts (I'm not useful now that my children are gone); reactions (nurturing others and ignoring yourself) that don’t serve you?  Or could it be you're holding onto a job, weight, numerous relationships that just don't fulfill you?

Enjoy this stirring video of Joni Mitchell revisiting her classic "Both Sides Now." She says it a lot better than I do.

Watch Joni Mitchell's - Both Sides Now


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